Undergraduate Program

Members of the department of surgery participate extensively in the teaching of undergraduate medical students throughout the academic year. Teaching is conducted through a hospital based seminar program, skills teaching in the Surgical Skills Centre as well as core lectures at the Medical Sciences Building. Students are active members of the surgical teams at each of the affiliated hospitals under the supervision of surgical faculty.

For information regarding surgery clerkship please visit the UofT Portal.

Director, Undergraduate Education
Dr. Jory Simpson

Pre-Clerkship Director
Dr. Ronald Kodama

Undergraduate Coordinator
Linna Liu
Department of Surgery
Undergraduate Education
Stewart Building
149 College Street, 5th floor
Toronto, ON M5T 1P5

Tel:  416 978-6431
Fax: 416 978-3928
Email: ume.surgery@utoronto.ca

Undergraduate Education Committee

Jory Simpson, Director of Undergraduate Education (Chair)

Najma Ahmed, Vice-Chair, Education

Abdollah Behzadi, Division of Thoracic Surgery,

Christiane Werneck

Joseph Noora, Division of Cardiac Surgery,

Eric Massicotte, Division of Neurosurgery

Melinda Musgrave, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Director, Education Evaluation

Jaime Escallon, Division of General Surgery  

Jeremy Hall, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery 

Ronald Kodama, Preclerkship Director

Rob Stewart, Site Director, St. Michael’s Hospital

Yonah Krakowsky, Division of Urology,

Fred Gentili, Site Director, UHN,

Ivica Vucemilo, Division of Vascular Surgery

Fuad Moussa, Site Director, Sunnybrook Health Sciences

Jory Simpson, Division of General Surgery

Ronald Levine, Director, Postgraduate Education

Haley Spurr, Resident

Melissa Roy, Resident

Ryan Perlus, Resident

Hany Sawires, Faculty Representative, Michael Garron Hospital

Peter Stotland, Faculty Representative, North York General Hospital

Amicie Davies, Wightman Berris Academy  

Michelle Dominey, Fitzgerald Academy  

Yvonne McVeigh, Mississauga Academy of Medicine 

Ashley Rosen, Peters-Boyd Academy

David Lee, Year 3 Clerk

Adriana Workewych, Year 3 Clerk

Lucshman Raveendran, Year 4 Clerk

Saly Halawa, Year 4 Clerk