Kergin Lecturers

The Kergin Lecture is named in the memory of Frederick Gordon Kergin, who was Chair of the Department of Surgery of the University of Toronto and Surgeon-in-Chief of the Toronto General Hospital from 1957 to 1966.  He was a pioneer of thoracic surgery in Canada and was President of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery.  In 1966 he was appointed Associate Dean in the Faculty of Medicine and was responsible for developing a new undergraduate curriculum and planning the conversion of Sunnybrook Hospital to a teaching institution with full-time faculty.  Dr. Kergin chaired the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Surgery for many years and served as a trustee of the R.S. McLaughlin Foundation. His major contribution to this hospital and the University was in education, particularly in structuring the residency programs such that an integrated program amongst all fully hospitals was established.  He died in 1974.  Professor Kergin was a man with eclectic interests that included teaching, research and university administration, as well as many outside-of-medicine.      



1978     Dr. J. Maloney 

1979     Dr. A. Patterson 

1980     Dr. W. R. Drucker 

1981     Dr. R. M. Stone 

1982     Dr. B. Langer 

1983     Dr. W. Silen 

1984     Dr. B. Perey 

1985     Dr. E. B. Tovee 

1986     Dr. W. O. Griffin 

1987     Dr. D. Mulder 

1988     Dr. H. Scully 

1989     Dr. Walter Pories 

1991     Dr. McCollister Evarts 

1992     Dr. Luc Deschenes 

1993     Dr. R. Y. McMurtry 

1994     Dr. John Wade 

1995     Col. Richard M. Satava 

1996     Dr. LaSalle Lefall, Jr. 

1997     Dr. Duncan G. Sinclair 

1998     Dr. Nuala Kenny 

1999     Dr. Miles F. Shore 

2000     Dr. Robert Buckman 

2001     Professor David Rowley 

2002     Dr. Arnold Aberman 

2003     Hon. Michael Kergin 

2004     Professor Richard Simmons 

2005     Shukri F. Khuri 

2006     Professor O. J. Garden 

2007     Professor  Peter Funch-Jenson 

2008     Ms. Rachel North 

2009     Hon. David Caplan 

2010     Dr. Steven Lowry 

2011     Dr. Kellie Leitch & Professor Anne Snowdon  

2012     Dr. David Sugarbaker 

2013     Dr. Gerald Imber 

2014     Dr. Eben Alexander, III 

2015    Skeptical Scalpel

2016    Dr. Robert Lorenz

2017     Dr. David C. Naylor

2018     Dr. Richard K. Reznick

2019     Dr. Kenneth Brayman

2020     Dr. Danielle Martin

2021     Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris