Faculty in the Division of Cardiac Surgery

Faculty by Hospital

Glen Van Arsdell,
Professor and Chair, Division of Cardiac Surgery, University of Toronto

St. Michael's Hospital

Daniel Bonneau, Associate Professor
David Latter, Associate Professor, Hospital Division Head
Mark Peterson, Assistant Professor 
Subodh Verma, Associate Professor
Bobby Yanagawa, Assistant Professor

Hospital for Sick Children

Osami Honjo, Assistant Professor, Interim Hospital Division Head
John Coles, Professor
Edward Hickey, Assistant Professor

Sunnybrook Health Science Centre,
Women's College Health Science Centre

George Christakis, Associate Professor 
Gideon Cohen, Assistant Professor, Hospital Division Head
Stephen Fremes, Professor 
Bernie Goldman, Professor 
Fuad Moussa, Assistant Professor

Toronto General Hospital,
University Hospital Network

Mitesh Badiwala, Assistant Professor
Robert Cusimano, Assistant Professor 
Tirone David, Professor
Chris Feindel, Professor 
Maral Ouzounian
Tony Ralph-Edwards, Lecturer
Vivek Rao, Associate Professor, Hospital Division Head
Hugh Scully, Professor 
William Stansfield, Assistant Professor
Richard Weisel, Professor
Terrence M. Yau, Associate Professor

Trillium Health Partners

Gopal Bhatnagar, Assistant Professor
Charles Cutrara, Lecturer
Joseph Noora, Assistant Professor

University of Toronto

Ren-Ke Li, Assistant Professor
Carin Wittnich, Professor 

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