Boundless Campaign

The Faculty of Medicine’s $500 million campaign is a cornerstone of the University of Toronto’s unprecedented $2 billion Boundless campaign, and the largest fundraising initiative for a Faculty of Medicine in Canadian history. But our fundraising goal is more than a target; it’s a promise to fulfill our boundless potential and provide international leadership in improving health through innovation in research and education.

This is a promise we will keep because of the tireless dedication and impact of our alumni, faculty and supporters.

This is an exciting era for health research and education at the Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Surgery at UofT. Now is the time to invest in our collective future and in the people at our University who shape it.

The Department of Surgery is proud to recognize the support and leadership of the following donors to the Boundless Campaign:


$1,000,000 to $4,999,999


Michael and Amira Dan

Anne Lawson


$100,000 to $999,999

A. K. Prakash Foundation

Abbott Laboratories Limited

Allergan Inc.

Amgen Canada Inc.

Astellas Pharma Canada Inc.

AstraZeneca Canada Inc.

Wilfred Gordon Bigelow

The Bobechko Foundation

Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation

Colon Cancer Canada

Gail Darling

Marc de Perrot

DePuy Synthes

Raymond O. Heimbecker

Kenneth Holloway

IAMGOLD Corporation

Johnson & Johnson Medical Companies

Shaf Keshavjee

Medicis Aesthetics Canada Ltd.

Medtronic of Canada Ltd.

Mentor Medical Systems Canada

The Miller Tavern

Andrew Pierre

Roscoe Reid Graham

Sanofi Canada

Roger J. Short

Stryker Canada

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation

The Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

Tom and Lisa Waddell

Kazuhiro Yasufuku

Zimmer, Inc.

1 Anonymous Donor


$25,000 to $99,999

Abbvie Corporation

Ali Adibfar

Dimitri and Catherine Anastakis

Shane Baghai

Bayer HealthCare

Thomas A. B. Bell

Mark Bernstein

Jeffrey Blidner

BMO Financial Group

Mitchell H. Brown

Canadian Urological Association

Zane Cohen

Elizabeth Crawford

Marcelo Cypel

Mark Daniels

C. A. Delaney Capital Management Ltd.

Raymond Dwarte

Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Faculty Members & Friends of the Division of Urology

Fisher & Ludlow, A Division of Harris Steel Limited

Christopher Forrest

Brent Graham

Allan E. Gross

Milton E. Harris and Ethel S. Harris

Esther Greenglass and George Hiraki Fund

Janssen-Ortho Inc.

Robert D. and Catherine I. Jeffs

K. Wayne Johnston

In Honour of Joseph Kulyk

Bernie and Ryna Langer

The Family of David and Theresa Langer

Sheila and Sydney Loftus and Family

Menkes Developments Incorporated

Paladin Labs Inc.

Walter Peters

Pfizer Canada Inc.

Robin R. Richards

James and Mari Rutka

The Sam and Ida Ross Foundation

Shane Baghai Group of Companies

Judith Fox-Shapero

Robert Shapiro

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Division of Urology

Carol Swallow

Synthes Canada Limited

Christine Tang

Toronto General Hospital - Division of Vascular Surgery

University Health Network and Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

Herbert P. von Schroeder

David G. Ward

John H. Wedge

William P. Wilder

Zimmer of Canada Ltd.

2 Anonymous Donors


$10,000 to $24,999

Mary-Anne Aarts

David and Sigrid Ades

Najma Ahmed

Henry Ahn

Sam Ajmera

Jameel Ali

Benjamin Alman

Oleh Antonyshyn

Terry S. Axelrod

Georges R. Azzie

David J. Backstein

Nancy Baxter

Brett Beber

Paul E. Bernick

Paul A. Binhammer

Earl R. Bogoch

John M. A. Bohnen

Trevor M. Born

Gregory Howard Borschel

Erin Boynton

Peter W. Bray

Fred Brenneman

Marcus J. Burnstein

George and Martha Butterfield

John C. Cameron

Robert Cartotto

Mark Cattral

Priscilla Pui Lam Chiu

Peter T. Chu

Tulin Deniz Cil

Howard M. Clarke

The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson

Sean Cleary

Natalie Coburn

George A. Cohon

Cook (Canada) Inc.

A. Roger Creasor

Jamie Stephen Cyriac

J. Rod Davey

Linda T. Dvali

Alexandra M. Easson

Jaime Escallon

Annie Fecteau

Darlene Fenech

Peter Charles Ferguson

Jeffrey A. Fialkov

Craig Fielding

Joel Finkelstein

David Fisher

Derek T. Ford

Michael H. Ford

Steven Gallinger

Rajiv Gandhi

Ralph George

Ted Gerstle

Anand Ghanekar

Thomas Gilas

Rebecca A. Gladdy

Jeffrey Gollish

Yvonne Gordon

Ralph Govan

William and Catherine Graham

David R. Grant

Teodor Grantcharov

Paul D. Greig

Robert N. Gryfe

Jeremy Hall

Sherif S. Hanna

Ethel Harris

Richard Hart

Sharifa Himidan

Stefan Hofer

Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Philip and Claire Holloway

Richard M. Holtby

Sevan Hopyan

Andrew Howard

Alan Hudson

Richard Jenkinson

Marc Jeschke

Michael R. Johnston

Leila Kasrai

Simon Paul Kelley

Erin D. Kennedy

KLS Martin Group

Jarley Koo

William J. Kraemer

Hans J. Kreder

Daryl S. Kucey

Jacob Charles Langer

Johnny Lau

Calvin Law

Bernard Lawless

Don Lebovitz

Wey Leong

Ronald Levine

Stephen J. Lewis

David R. Lindsay

T. F. Lindsay

Joan Elizabeth Lipa

Francesco R. Lista

Helen MacRae

Nizar N. Mahomed

James L. Mahoney

Manus Canada Foundation

John Marshall

K. Wayne Marshall

J. Andrea McCart

David McCready

Ian D. Mcgilvray

Michael D. McKee

Nancy H. McKee

Robin S. McLeod

Debbie and Donald Morrison Family Foundation

Carol-Anne Moulton

John Murnaghan

Lucas Murnaghan

Melinda Anne Musgrave

Robert A. Mustard

Steven Muzzo

Diane Nam

Unni Narayanan

Avery B. Nathens

Markku Tapani Nousiainen

Catherine Adell O'Brien

Darrell Ogilvie-Harris and Louise Tremblay

Allan Okrainec

Brian Ostrow

Todd P. Penner

John H. Phillips

Y. Raja Rampersaud

Michael Jan Reedijk

Ralph Reichmann

Sandro Rizoli

Ted Ross

Lorne Rotstein

Ori Rotstein

Barry Rubin

Oleg Safir

Emil Schemitsch

Markus Selzner

John L. Semple

Shahriar Shahrokhi

Yaron Shargall

Fred Shore

Carmine V. Simone

Andrew J. Smith

Lloyd Smith

Laura Snell

Sorin Group Canada Inc.

Tim R. Sproule

David Stephen

Paul Sullivan

Khalid Syed

Laura Tate

Bryce Taylor

Homer C. Tien

Tilzen Holdings Limited

Lorraine N. Tremblay

David R. Urbach

Christian J. Veillette

David and Roberta Vice

James P. Waddell

Veronica M. Wadey

Paul Wales

Kyle Robert Wanzel

Ron Warr

Alice Wei

Peter J. Weiler

Daniel Whelan

Paul Wong

C. Stewart Wright

Frances C. Wright

James G. Wright

Jay S. Wunder

Albert Yee

Robert A. Zeldin

Reinhard Zeller

Joe Zentil

Toni Zhong

A. Zlotta

Ronald Zuker

1 Anonymous Donor


$5,000 to $9,999

551571 Ontario Inc.

A. Harmantas Medicine Professional Corporation

Jamil Ahmad

Rupert Altschuler

John Anders

Autodesk Canada Co.

Carol and Martin Barkin

Omar Bayne

Maurice Blitz

Jean-Francois Boileau

Boston Scientific Ltd.

Hugh Cameron